Why Protection Against Blue Light Matters

Why Protection Against Blue Light MattersIn today’s ever-connected world, it’s almost impossible to evade blue light—whether it be from our phones, computer screens, or smart appliances. Avoiding blue light is especially difficult at moments it matters the most—such as right before bed time when your eyes are super sensitive to light.

Beyond affecting your circadian rhythm, blue light can strain the eyes, causing fatigue, dry eye and can also damage your retinas (known as phototoxicity). Studies have shown that blue light exposure can speed up the rate of degeneration in your retina (Helmer).

Continue reading to learn what you can do to protect yourself and your little ones from the harmful effects of blue light.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light

If you wear glasses, you can consider getting anti-glare coating—specific coatings designed to “decrease the amount of reflective light in your lenses. These coatings can be applied to the back, front, or both sides of your lenses to control the amount of light that enters your eyes” (Bazan). Benefits include increased comfort, reduced effects of digital eye strain and increased visual acuity.

Another solution is to consider investing in blue light glasses. Typically inexpensive, blue light glasses work to externally filter out harsh blue light.

In general, it is recommended to avoid blue light as much as possible. Put phones and devices away before bed, encourage kiddos to take frequent breaks during the day when staring at screens, and make sure both you and your kids get adequate sleep.

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