Our Optometrist Services
We, at Eye Candy, have the pleasure of providing optimal care to patients of all ages for their eye health needs, glasses, and contact lenses. At our office, we strive to integrate the most innovating equipment to aid in diagnosing for enhanced eye care. We specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of eye diseases and conditions while offering patients a sweet experience with every visit.
Comprehensive Eye Exam:
At Eye Candy, we recommend scheduling a comprehensive eye and contact lens examination every 12 months that allow us to thoroughly evaluate your overall eye health and visual function. When you visit us for your comprehensive eye and contact lens exam, we dedicate our time to listen to your eye concerns while assessing your eye health and providing you with excellent care. Whether you may think you do not have an issues with your vision, scheduling a comprehensive exam is an essential step to ensuring your eye health.
Pediatric Eye Exam:
As a Pediatric Optometrist, we specialize in comprehensive eye exams for infants and children. Learning is visual, therefore by scheduling a comprehensive eye exam for them it ensures that they are learning without any delays as a result of vision problems. A proper pediatric eye exam and visual treatment in children can be challenging, time consuming, and requires appropriate skills that many doctors are unwilling to undertake. At Eye Candy, we make a pediatric eye exam a valuable and sweet experience for children of all ages.
Emergency Exam:
If you or your loved ones find yourself in an eye emergency, Eye Candy Eye Care is ready and available to handle the situation. We offer late evening and weekend appointments and have our emergency voicemail linked to an on call doctor for any serious eye emergencies. We are equipped to treat eye emergencies such as an infection, distortions in your vision, trauma or foreign objects in the eyes.