Contact lens hygiene

  • Always respect your replacement schedule prescribed by your
    • 15 days for acuvue,
    • 1 month for biofinity & air optix
    • Every day for dailies (clarity, 1day acuvue, MyDay)
  • Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before inserting or removing your lenses
  • Take care not to catch the lens or your eye with your fingernails – keep them short
  • Work over a clean, flat surface
  • Use saline solution or Opti-Free / Biotrue to rinse your lenses and case – do NOT rinse them with tap water as this can cause eye infections
  • To minimize the possibility of mixing your lenses up, it is a good idea to get into the habit of always inserting and removing the same lens first
  • Do not shower/bath in your lenses
  • Do not sleep in your contact lenses
  • If you experience any painful eye or red/pink eye stop wearing contact lenses and consult with an eye doctor
  • It is not recommended to swim with your contact lenses in due to the risk of infection from the water – prescription swimming goggles may be available, but please discuss this with your contact lens practitioner as other options may also be available

Lens cleaning (NOT FOR DAILIES)

Always use the care system recommended to you in the clinic.

  1. Place the lens into the palm of your hand and put two or three drops of the cleaning

solution onto the lens

  1. Rub the lens gently but firmly with the little finger of your other hand for approximately thirty seconds; turn the lens over and rub the other side
  2. After rubbing the lens, it is essential to rinse it with saline solution or Opti-Free / Biotrue in order to remove the loosened debris and any remaining cleaner; rinse the cleaning solution off the lens by rubbing the lens between your thumb and forefinger
  3. Fill the storage case with fresh Opti-Free / Biotrue solution and place the lens into the correct side of the storage case – this soaking solution must be changed on a daily basis
  4. If you wear a lens in the other eye, repeat steps 1-4 for the second lens
  5. Leave your contact lenses to soak overnight in the closed case or for a minimum of four hours

The contact lens case should be replaced with a new one every month

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